Heat, heat, go away…

I’ve been waiting for the heatwave to go – week after week after week – before getting back to running… Did I mention I LOATHE the heat??!

I took a couple of weeks off after the end-of-May Moonwalk, and it started heating up then. But it’s not stopping, and my waistline is expanding (erm, may still be eating as if I’m London Marathon training!), and I have no regular mindful release point for stress, so I sucked it up today, put the trainers on, and got out there there. Looks like the heat is here for longer so I have to just get over it.

Gosh, was it painful though! Roasting in London at 8am, with the sun beating down. But I did it. And I instantly feel less stressed. And I have to keep getting out there! I had to take a few walking breaks (and bumped into a neighbour for a few minutes, and forgot to stop my watch!) – slow and steady over shorter distances will be my approach for a while.

Committing here and now, for accountability reasons. Will have to build the fitness back up again over the next few weeks; it’s crazy how fast it goes, but then how it can be brought back again relatively quickly. Autumn looms – my favourite time for running – when my twins begin school, and I’ll have much more time for running in and around them and my work, so want to be going into the season ready to go!

#nomoreexcuses #run #running #cantstandtheheat #lloydpark #runningmum #london

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