Thank you, NHS

Thank you, NHS, for not charging me €50 every time I need the GP, like Ireland does. This meant that when I was a student here, living on the peanuts earned from my part-time waitressing job, my health was looked after.

Thank you, NHS; there have been times my health has needed you to step in and you have. Overworked doctors and nurses who, day after day, give and give and give – who have paced the corridors with my sick child during hospital stays just to give me an hour’s sleep, enough to keep going – you have more worth than you know or I can say.

Thank you, NHS. You navigated me through a pregnancy which, from 20 weeks, was fraught, tense, anxious – your calm at one of the worst times of my life helped me stay calm.

Thank you, NHS. You are why my son – a hair’s breath from not making it – did. He is here in all his sweet 4-year-old amazingness because of your work, your knowledge, your care, your speed.

Thank you, NHS. Your support of ME – always checking I’m OK – allows me to be the mum I need to be with the daily challenges and stresses I face parenting a chronically ill child.

Thank you, NHS, for allowing me to focus on that child, rather than what in other countries would be the sum of his worth: a bill, to be fretted over.

Thank you, NHS, for your medical advances. 30 years ago children didn’t have kidney transplants, and now the parents of today have a hope those before us tragically never had.

Thank you, NHS; for each time my other child has needed you. Your care of both of my kids – regardless of the seriousness or complexity of their situation – has been measured and so professional every time.

Thank you.

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