Another week down, somehow – it feels like 5 minutes since I posted the last update!

This week life cranked up MASSIVELY in the form of the kick-off of a big refurb we’re having done on our house.

I’m sure there’s never an optimum time to train for a marathon when you’re a mum getting back into fitness, have twins, work, are managing a child’s chronic illness… but I know the least optimum is probably trying to do it, with all that, whilst also in the middle of a massive renovation that’s expected to take almost as long as the time between now and the London Marathon!! EEK!! But I figure, if you’re already super-busy, why not throw another coal on the fire!

Of my husband and I, I’m the one around locally during the day, with freelancing/having the twins every afternoon after nursery, so I’m heading up the project management, i.e. here’s a few more balls for the juggling loop, missus!

Excited about seeing our ideas take shape, and know that the extra space this project will give our family will transform the house for us. Twill ALL be worth it! And repeat, and repeat times a hundred …

We had hoped to stay in the house to help the budget (a word that already makes me want to wail…!), but we’ve had to move out one week in due to floor pipes unexpectedly needing to be sunk, cutting off the water supply (only discovered Friday, and told to be out by today!).

So in addition this week to all the other ball juggling, I’ve also had to find somewhere local for us to stay, which doesn’t break the bank, and is close enough to mean our son can still access all the healthcare support he needs, and he and his twin sister can still attend nursery, so I can work …

Long story short, I found somewhere (*cheers*), and we have already packed everything we’ll need until our return in January, and moved in! *faints*

Getting runs in this week was a push, especially as I had quite a tight work project deadline in the mix too, and I lost a lot of time dealing back and forth with builders, but I managed a short one during the week, and an 8-mile long run yesterday. If I didn’t have this marathon goal there is NO way I would have done it, to be honest!!

This week the plan I’m following (currently week 9) outlines that I aim for:

  • Tue: 4 miles
  • Wed: 1-3 miles
  • Fri: 3 miles
  • Sun: 9 miles

A new challenge is me being in an area of London I’m not so familiar with, and it being suddenly very dark morning and early evening, and me losing a lot of time carting the twins around the place, so will have to figure out how to fit the runs in around all that. Today was spent in Great Ormond Street Hospital for another long day of consultations and blood tests, so hoping there’s enough in the tank tomorrow for getting those trainers on!

Where there’s a will there’s a way, though! Hopefully I’ll be reporting back next week having hit the majority of my mileage target!




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