Update: end of week 1 … 25 to go!

7 days down, and 175 left.

175 days sounds:

  • a) long; with me running at least every other day, and a long run every Sunday, that’s a LOT of runs …
  • b) not actually very long at all, when you think I’m going from just about being half-marathon distance to being able to go the whole hog!

I’m pleased with the first week, and my mission for next week, now that I feel over the half-marathon of last weekend, is to maybe step it up a tiny bit in terms of pace, or perhaps cut some the the mid-run walks! This week I’ve got two mid-week runs (a 4-mile and 3-mile) in the schedule, and then 8 miles on Sunday.

I’ve ran beside water a lot this week, exploring some of what my local area in London has to offer (photo here was taken near my house this afternoon), and I’m reminded how truly revitalizing it feels to be around open water. That, combined with the most beautiful colors at the moment as the leaves change, has made for a week that’s felt good for the soul. More of those please! However, today I could feel a bit of a bite when out there … as they say, winter’s coming. Eek. Hopefully not for a while though!

Next week adds an interesting dynamic to the training: we’re starting a house refurb tomorrow, across our ground and second floors, which will last around 5 months, and see us without a kitchen and washing machine (and, at various points, water/electricity/heating…), and three-year-old twins in the mix. *wails*

There will be quite a lot of juggling on the horizon, with the needs of the twins, and work, and running, but hey…. apparently I like a challenge! Looking ahead to the next few months, I think come April next year I might be all challenged out!

Wetlands Sunset


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