Right, the plan! 26 weeks to marathon….

If I’m going to survive this thing (you know, just a whole 26.2 MILES!), I best have a plan! This is definitely not something I can wing.

I looked around for a while to find the best training plan to suit my current fitness level (low but not absolutely rock bottom), to cover me from the 26 weeks from this week to the London Marathon.

While I have a way to go to get to marathon distance, for the past 12 weeks I’ve been building up from running very short distances to a half-marathon, which I did last Saturday (hooray!). It took me 2.5 hours, and the thought at the end of turning around and doing the whole thing again nearly made me faint. My knees and hips are creaking at the memory! The reality of the task ahead is really sinking in.

But back to the marathon training plan: starting at week 7 as my week 1, this is the plan I’ll be following between now  and 22nd April, for anyone reading who’s on the same journey and also thinking about their schedule.

Starting at week 7, this covers a distance of over 600 miles between now and marathon completion. So basically East London to John O’ Groats (644 miles), or the Giant’s Causeway to Dingle….and back again (622 miles). Yeah, no bother.

I’m going to check in at the end of each week to track how I got on, knowing that the update is coming, so hopefully that will help me get out of my warm bed on a freezing Sunday morning for my long run!

My next mission is to get a good pair of trainers that fits right, and suits my gait, to set me up for the road ahead. I’ll update on that experience once my shiny new trainers are in hand.
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2 thoughts on “Right, the plan! 26 weeks to marathon….

    • I used to exercise for years with Nike Air Pegasus but they seem to have changed the style recently, and they’re now slightly too narrow for my wide feet – got a new pair a few months ago, but definitely need to change. Someone recommended Runners Need, Kings Cross branch, so am going to pop there soon


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