The countdown is on: 6 months to marathon

So today the countdown is officially on … it’s 6 months to the day until the London Marathon on 22 April 2018, where my plan is: a) that a skinnier, fitter, healthier version of myself will smash* the 26.2 miles (* erm, maybe ‘survive’ is a more realistic goal!), having…; b) raised lots of money for the amazing Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children’s Charity!

It’s safe to say that regardless of whether you have yet to be touched by the amazing work Great Ormond Street do, you will be aware of how many lives they have touched, my family’s included.

I’ve got a LONG road ahead with training to be able to do the distance, so this is a real challenge for me, both in terms of increasing fitness, and losing weight. 3 months ago my back-to-fitness journey began, just after my twins turned 3, and a few very wild years following their arrival.

Having cut out the booze completely, and donned the trainers, I started off running a couple of miles at a time, and yesterday I ran a half-marathon, having dropped nearly 2.5 stone during those 12 weeks. Don’t worry – there’s much more where that came from, and that’s the next mission! I’ve committed to saying alcohol-free for the rest of the journey, another challenge to add into the big challenge! If you’re gonna do it, then REALLY do it!

I’ll use this page as well as my Facebook page to update friends and family on my progress – the highs and the lows – which will serve as good motivation to keeping me on the straight and narrow through all the upcoming freezing winter runs!! Nothing like a bit of accountability!

Bring it on!


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